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We envision a playground that engages and encourages children of all ages in a natural setting

Hawthorne Scholastic Academy is nestled in the heart of one of Chicago’s most vibrant neighborhoods.  Our outdoor space has the potential to be an incredible urban oasis utilized by our diverse student population and the surrounding community.  All children deserve a safe, challenging, and inspirational outdoor space to connect with one another and form a lasting relationship with the environment.  

We are committed to creating a space for both active and passive play opportunities where children can climb, slide, swing, garden, pretend on a stage and in a playhouse, explore among native plants, and learn in an outdoor classroom.  Our playspace will:

  • Provide powerful opportunities for hands-on learning

  • Nurture students’ physical, social, and emotional development and wellbeing

  • Reflect local ecological, social, and cultural context

  • Embrace risk-taking as an essential component of learning and child development  

  • Be open to the public, accessible to the community

Play is the work of children.  This project places the greatest value on this sacred time in life, allowing children the space to fully engage and develop their heart, hands, and head equally.  We feel what happens outside a school’s walls is as important as what happens inside. Our dream is to transform our space into a place for all to gather, learn, and grow.  

Past Events & Fundraisers (Stay tuned for new ways to help in 2019!):

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Image copyright: Site Design